1990 Gold Nintendo World Championship – REPLICA

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Until further notice, promo codes will no longer be eligible for use on Nintendo World Championship gold and gray replica carts. Due to COVID-19, materials costs have risen. Please visit frequently for updates.
Buy it now and you will be hooked up with some serious nostalgia. Not only will you receive ONE gold (hand-dipped) NWC Replica/Reproduction cart, here’s what else you can expect:

(Please let us know which system you will be playing on in the order notes. We have a few versions of the game that will not work on the Retron HD.)
– A UV protected case when it arrives
– A black Nintendo dust sleeve
– Clear-printed Nintendo World Championship labels which you can apply
– Another NWC label option which you can cut and apply just as the employees did with the gold versions given away in the Player’s Poll Contest from Nintendo Power Magazine
– A mini-sized replica version of the NWC “certificate of completion” that was given to the finalists at the 1990 NWC competition
– An Orange and Black DIP switch to discern this reproduction from the original

There are other NWC replica carts available, but this Gold NWC Cart is the closest reproduction of one of the most revered cartridges/video game competition compilations in the world.

FREE shipping in the U.S. via USPS First Class Mail. We will ship within 1-2 business days and provide tracking info.

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This is a high-quality, as-good-as-it gets replica (REPRODUCTION) Gold Nintendo World Championship video game cartridge. Watch this video of our cart in action.

Nintendo Power magazine gave 26 lucky winners gold cartridges as prizes in their Players’ Poll Contest in 1990. This makes the original not only a very hard game to come by, but tragically expensive to purchase.

We are retro gamers to the core at 1UP Retro, and we feel that just because this cart is so incredibly rare, it doesn’t mean you have to be lucky or a millionaire to buy it. You can now own this awesome reproduction of a great piece of video game history for an affordable price.

This cart makes for a great conversation piece and is perfect for old-school, friendly competition amongst fellow retro gamers, friends and family.

NOTE: The sticker will not be on the cart when you receive your order. It will come with 2 different NWC sticker options and you may choose which one you would like to adhere.


The DIP Switch allows different times depending on position (on/off). All pins down/off will give you 5 minutes.
Pin 3 up/on is the common configuration for 00:06:21:00 (which is actually more around six minutes and 15 seconds).

This cart is compatible with original hardware (may or may not work on Top-Loader depending on version) and all fami-clone systems. IT WILL NOT WORK ON THE RETRON 5.

– A fun and addictive time

– A tested and trusted NES reproduction
– Works on the original Nintendo system and fami-clones.
(Please let us know which system you will be playing on in the order notes. We have a few versions of the game that will not work on the Retron HD.)
– NTSC compatibility
– Free shipping

– 100% satisfaction or your money back
– Your retro gaming friends will be jealous

Read some commonly-asked questions on our FAQ page.

As diehard retro/vintage gamers, 1UP Retro thanks you for keeping retro video gaming alive and remembering how it all began!

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in

5 reviews for 1990 Gold Nintendo World Championship – REPLICA

  1. Angel Castaneda (verified owner)

    Delivery was surprisingly fast, Amazon Prime-level shipment speed. I purchased both the grey and gold variants, and I am very satisfied with both, especially with the variety in label options on the cartridges themselves. Only issue is I had trouble booting them up on my Retron HD, but they worked perfectly on both the original toaster and Top Loader NES models. Highly recommend if you want some sweet memorabilia for your shelf, or for something to bring with at conventions.

  2. Loren H

    Very impressed with this replica cart. It’s very well made and plays perfectly! By far the best reproduction cart of its kind available! I had the privilege of meeting Jeremy and seeing the product beforehand. He is passionate about gaming and it shows in this game’s development. The painstaking effort and attention to detail is incredible from the dip switches and the board to the hand dipped gold color both inside and out. Worth every penny! Great job 1upretro!

  3. Nathan O (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried playing it yet, but a beautiful part of my collection. Am very happy with this purchase! It looks like allot of time and effort went into making this product and I will buy from you guys again!

  4. Stan

    Very good cartridge. The only thing that concerned me was that it didn’t have a blue and white DIP switch like some of the pictures showed. Other than that, a very great item to have, and I will look forward to sell it to a friend after playing all the games on there.

  5. klingonmonk

    Hello BannanaStanDaMan.
    We apologize for the misleading image. We do have various chip colors and we use what we have available at the time we
    make the boards and cartridges.
    At this point in time, we do not have any of the blue and white DIP switches, but if you would like, we can email you
    when we do get them back in stock.
    Thank you for your input and GAME ON!

  6. Jeffrey Grugan (verified owner)

    The package arrived sooner than I expected and the quality of the product is so brilliant it gives me the pleasure of owning a vintage replica of video game history. Nintendo World Championship 1990 Gold Cartridge is extremely elusive, so having this on display on my self is nothing but satisfaction. It does look rather lonely, so maybe down the road I will order its grey companion….

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